My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

“We started out as a couple of friends,

Who saw each other now and then,

Two people hurt many times before,

And afraid of getting hurt once more.


Slowly we began to share long walks,

And share our thoughts in quiet talks,

And of each other we soon grew fond,

Realizing we shared a special bond.


Hearts that harbored so much pain,

They never thought they’d love again,

Secretly wishing that they would find,

Someone to give them peace of mind.


Hearts that searched so far and wide,

For the love that went missing inside,

Souls that roamed long and far,

Wishing upon most every star.


Then one day my wish came true,

I found love again and it was you,

There was a piece missing from my soul,

You were the one who made me whole.”

I find it intriguing, it seems that the people you would never suspect of it, write poetry. Not that I know Parker well (besides thinking he was gonna actually beat me with a chair today, we hardly ever talk), but I never thought of him as the type. I have a few other friends like that.

Anyways, I am between a rock and a hard place. Ravenously hungry but too exhausted to move. I’ma go try to sort this out XD

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