My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

So…According to my dream, you can walk to Connecticut if you have an invitation to tea with some wack-job doctor and only there can Mormons drink tea. Missionaries are also Elves….

Anyways, today is Stake conference. I have NO clue what that entails except that there is no YW’s and I’m sad about that. There is also a youth fireside tonight (once again, I have NO clue what you do there). I think I might go, not sure. Most likely though. It’ll be my first one!

Next weekend is…Stake youth conference? I think. But I have to go late to that, job interview at stampede with Madison(YUUUUS!!). Next Sunday is also the MS walk.

Scripture reading: Going good…Well..kinda. My routine is set and I read yesterday and will no doubt read today but the real test is during the week. Hopefully, it’ll go well, I shouldn’t be too busy to justify not doing it.

Last week of seminary ( D:) and 8 scripture masteries left. I think I can do it!

Live Long & Prosper!♥


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