My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon


Please!! Stop feeding me!! All Mormons do is eat! *facedesk*

Maybe I’ll go for a year being one of those Tibetan monks to counteract all I’ve eaten in the past month.

I had a potluck this morning for seminary (BAAAAACOOOOON!) then for lunch I bought bubble tea (There will always be time and room for bubble tea. Especially taro ^_^), which I have a habit of drinking too fast then almost dying and after seminary grad, there were DQ worthy hot-fudge-brownie-peanut sundays (soooo omnom). Now I’m dead. And very fat. But it tasted good!

I learned my first Mormon joke today!!

Why do the Lamanites have bruised shins? Because of all the Nephities!! It made me LOL.

I can’t wait for Seminary next year! 😀


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