My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

Relatively hard to implement in a single parent home, seeing as my Mom’s always working. As well as, you know, only one of us actually being Mormon…

Sorry, I’m being somewhat fnaaah today on the whole idea that I’m the only [practicing] Mormon in my family. Any Mormon families wanna adopt me?XD

JK!!!I love my family, Mormon or not. But it does get kind of hard being the only one.

Also, I’ve noticed a troll (AKA, someone who checks this regularly but never, as far as I know, says anything). Yes, I can see you! I have a thinger that lets me know how many views a day I get…Expose yourself!!(In a modest manner that is LOL) Perhaps you’re awesome or something!!

Well, I think it’s a regular troll…Might just be assorted people who’ve checked this out….

Live long & Prosper!!♥


Comments on: "Family home evenings…" (9)

  1. Ameri said:

    It’s possible that I am the troll, since I check your blog quite often but have never commented.

    • ooh, fascinating! Do I know you in real life? If not, how’d you find it? Off perhaps, or just from google (does this even come up in google I wonder…*goes to check*)?

      • Ameri said:

        You should know me, I have you on Facebook and I see you in school occasionally. Ameri isn’t my real name, lol. Can you guess? =P

  2. Ooohh…Ok, give me a hint:Are you an LDS?

  3. Wait…Are you Daynia?

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