My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

Pretty much anything Leonard Cohen puts out I find relates to me in some manner, this being no exception (actually, the exact opposite LOL).  Now, it’s not Cohen singing (this song of his is the only one I find very dull when he sings it, except when he was younger),  it’s some guy named Antony and yes, he moves to the music weird when he sings, but his voice is gorgeous. This is another religious type song I don’t find fake or obnoxious.

The whole theme of the song is submitting yourself to and following God’s will, something I’m working on, as I think many of us are. It’s a hard concept to go with, trying to accept that an unseen force (or being if you wish) will, when you let it (Him), take you where you need to go and help/show/do what is  best for you (if you noticed, I’m having an issue with words =P), even though, at the time, it may not seem so.

There are a few particular events in my life where I am pretty much resisting, full force, going with God’s will because I am so worried about them (that and I’m a stubborn butt head the majority of the time LOL). I don’t want to do this, yet I can’t give up the determination that has kept me going in a positive manner because I don’t want to be told ‘no’ in the end, regardless if it’s the best way for me.

I read a story somewhere (probably a chain email) about a woman whose son was dying and she prayed, bargained etc for his life but he got progressively worse. Only when she finally said ‘Ok, you do it.’ (or some variation on that) did he finally get better. That’s one thing that inspires me to keep going in my fight against my own fight XD. Plus some scriptures, but I’ve highlighted so much it would take forever to find and quote(something tells me it’s in Enos, I’d have to check my journal though, I practically highlighted that whole chapter)

WordPress is being stupid so I can’t go below the link, but enjoy the vid.

Live long & prosper!!♥


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