My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

Moar musiks

Ok, my brain seems to think best in the wee hours of the morning….

1)I’ve discovered one form of worship music that I absolutely love: Gregorian chants

2)I lied, I do love worship music, more than I thought, but only some groups. We used to sing worship music all the time at camp (I’m not joking, 2 hours in the morning, 2 at night and intermittently throughout the day. And it was good stuff too…). I’ve trolled youtube for a bit now and am in the process of compiling a worship music playlist.

To be honest: Although I do find Mormon hymns nice, I feel they lack something.  Here, I’ll compare (*Just got attacked by finding ‘Dies Irae in Gregorian chant*)

Ok, apparently the Mormon Tabernacle Choir has never sung my all time fave hymn ‘The Lord is my Light” D:<

I need to stop youtube trolling “The Mormons are Masons” made me first: Squee but second:Facedesk….Sorry, but the stupidity of people amazes me….I don’t think I’ll be comparing music anytime soon. I’ll rant on the illogicality of treating Masonary as something like the New World Order later.

*rages* Mormon choir sung hymns are lacking on youtube (The ones that are my favourites anyways >.>)….But, not Mormon, still good

We sang this at camp all the time. I think the word I’m looking for is ‘expressive’. Sure, Mormon hymns can be expressive, but I like to throw everything I’ve got into something like this and you can’t dance to a Mormon hymn =P.

Here’s the start of the mentioned playlist, don’t worry, it’ll grow:

But I haven’t looked up Mormon worship music yet, maybe something like this exists…*Is off hunting*

Live long & Prosper!!♥


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  1. Bruce said:

    Actually, the masonic order and the New World Order are implicitly linked … study the french Revolution or early (1776) America. As to Mormonism and Free Massonry being linked — not too my knowledge.

    Masonry has its roots in the Knights Templar, a Roman Catholic order until destroyed in 1307 (October 13 — Black Friday — thus the number 13 being unlucky.) After 1307, the order arose as Free Masonry, and was more protestant based for obvious reasons. Under the Scottish Rite back 120 years ago, you had to be a confessing Christian to be in the order … though they still had very strong pagan identity.

    Today, most Free Masons have no real idea of the tenets of the order, and join only because of its caritable work and the relationships they can build. However, don’t assume that that in any way diminishes the power or intent of the hierarchy.

    There were several French Revolutions that occured one after the other — look into the attempt to eliminate the church and institute pagan worship of the goddess Sophia (Wisdom) as the new order in France. This was orchestrated and supported by Free Masonry in the persons of Benjamin Franklin and others.

    It makes for interesting study.

    On a different note: try to find this book — short account of the struggels of a couple who were very deep into Satanism, but found their way out …. first to Mormonism, and then beyond. “Lucifer Dethroned”.

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