My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

I am officially home and craving a few things 1)church. I keep thinking it’s saturday, getting excited cause I think church is tomorrow then disappointed when my memory kicks in and tells me it’s Friday.

2)My friends. I miss them all terribly, this week being the worst because one left for the lake, one’s on a mission in Quebec helping Haitian refugees (praying for you Nancy!♥), 3 are at EFY (uber sad face cause I couldn’t go to it) and the other is in…Edmonton I believe. And I feel lonely. You might be saying ‘But Cass, you just spent a month with nieces and nephews!How can you be lonesome?’ You are right, I’m craving some blaring music, a good book or game and approximately a week of solitude. However, my friends never intrude on my solitude. I can spend loads of time with them and never get annoyed, cause I know they won’t last as long as family (I’ll have to do a post on this idea later, cause…What I just wrote made no sense. Just know there’s a topic behind this). Secretly…And I may have not told you this, my friendsies, but I’m  terrified of what comes after school. When many of us separate and hardly ever speak again. Therefore, I believe I don’t say this enough, but I love you guys dearly. When scriptures aren’t at hand and I can’t pray deeply enough, you guys brighten my day. Thanks ♥

To give this post some more meaning, I decided to give you some of my spiritual thought thingies written in my journal after reading chapters from the book mentioned here before…Actually, I’m not sure if I’ll give you any, I’m just telling you I’m looking in my journal for something I’m willing to say I think, which is unlikely.

A little tid bit on my journal: It was given to me after my baptism by the missionaries who taught me. It has both of their testimonies as well as those who were…I was gonna say most important in my conversion,  but they aren’t just important for that reason. They’re just super important in general and I love them lots too. Without them, a lot of things would’ve never happened to help me get to where I am now. I believe 2 of them read this, they know who they are. Thanks guys ♥.

My journal looks like it’s exploding…It has cards and letters, an agreement with myself (it kept falling out of my Bible and provoking questions =P) and…A business card XD…Stapled to pages. Now let’s see…

Ok, first page after testimonies. All you get to know is: “My confirmation was intense”

Oh look! Encouragement to future Cass. ‘PATIENCE!!’ I’ve found that’s a theme in here. I must be impatient =P.

Record of my first Mormon potluck: “Derricious” LOL.

Ok, here’s something (sorta)…Well just a few things you might not know about me that I forgot:

1)When I pray, I often lose track of time and have been known to lose up to a half hour without noticing. Guess I would’ve remembered that if I had a clock the past month XD.

2)I want to go on a mission. Not right now, but after a bit. I think I’m still too noob.

Ah, awesome quote from Pres. Uchtdorf: “True friends use their wings to help you find yours and to lift you up when your wings forget how to fly.”

I like re-reading about how I found answers. No, I’m not telling you those stories, but if you get a hold of my Book of Mormon with all the stickies in it, that will pretty much tell you. Well…Ok…You can know this: 2 Nephi 31:21.

“Take joy in everything, for it is all somehow linked to God.” I think I made that up…But not quite sure.

Oh look! My testimony!! If you wanna hear this, come to Church when I speak. Otherwise, sorry, you dun get to read!

I hid poetry in this too! Go see my deviantart account sometime later when I post it.

My cat is dragging me to bed. I’ll get to the more spiritual things later.

I know I’ve posted it, but I love it!

Live long & prosper!!♥


Comments on: "A bunch of senseless jabber" (2)

  1. ikachanattack said:

    If got epic posting skills….
    and you still have not escaped talking in church yet!

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