My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

A cool word….

First, I finished ‘Eat, pray, love’ and re-re-discovered I’m a total hopeless romantic and a hippie. But whatever, very good book, go read it, skip the bad parts.

Second, my happy high continues and my theory of a positive outlook affects how everything is also seems to once again hold true. By my realizing this, I also realized I must have been miserable through almost all of grade 11 because in grade 10 I stood by that theory. Sorry for me being depressed all last year everyone, I’ll make sure that this year is fantastical (did you know Spakeshear, yeah, Spakeshear ;D that spelling is best, used that word?)

Anyway, the word, from the previously mentioned book: Attraversiamo. Meaning ‘Let’s cross over’ in Italin (can be used figuratively or literally). I don’t really have a point right now where I can use it, but I like the idea of it. Maybe, it’ll be my dying word. As odd as it sounds, in my spare time, I like to try to think of something cool to say when I die (It’s been narrowed down to: “It was…fun…Oh my…” from Kirk’s death in Star Trek:’Generations’, ‘Hailing frequencies closed sir’ from Tasha Yar’s death in Star Trek: The Next Generation and the Italian word I mentioned. Ya, I’m a geek).

Anyways, I’m off to sleep outside again on the deck,

Live long & prosper!!


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