My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon


I’m exhausted. Not physically but emotionally/mentally. The past 5 months have been a flurry of ‘oh hai life!I don’t really like you no more, time for change!’ and I’ve done things I’ve never dreamed I’d do (Good things I swear! Well…And things that fall into a morally grey area…). On top of all that, I’m freaking out about this being the last year of high school and I keep falling in and out of a depression at the thought of losing all my friends/all of us changing and becoming incompatible…And I haven’t even started school yet…I’m also freaking out because in grade 7 I planned like…The next 10 years of my life out and I’m not even sure anything will go at all like I planned (well, except converting). Somewhere in here, there’s also my big issue that I think I’m reaching the breaking point of my tolerance level for all the crap my family does to one another and all that they’re going through. I’m angry because I can’t help them, but they won’t even help themselves for the most part and then they complain…Actually, my tolerance for my family in general is breaking and no matter how I much I freak out at them, or try to help them, nothing gets through.

And then even on top of all that, I have a church talk in 2 weeks, like I mentioned, and I think I’m over-worrying again. And what annoys me even more is that 2/3 of the life changy things I hinted at I can’t even post here because of their sensitive nature, so I can’t get those off my chest.

I suppose here is when ‘Endure till the end’ is applicable.

Pardon my ranting, but those I normally rant with are not online/I’ve over ranted at them.

Live long & prosper


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