My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

I can’t quite say I like grade 12. Besides the fact that I got hammered with rants of “If you’re not God, you’re not graduating”, I have no close friends in Chem, band is band (=love/hate relationship), social is ok and spare has potential to be good.

My chem teacher scares me. I don’t like to be mocked for asking questions, unless my friends are there, and the teacher enjoys doing that. On the plus side: He is somewhat of a Trekkie.

Band just consistently makes me angry. I honestly can’t say why I’m still in it. Perhaps because it’s the only class I can screw around in and I could care less what the teacher thinks…But we now have theory tests (yeah…right…) which make me even more angry. I’m expecting I may possibly flip out at the teacher and rant, because if he pulls more crap again, I will.

Actually, I kind of like Social. My teacher has one of those voices I don’t mind listening to for a whole class, but he’s no Alan Rickman. No, I’m not being creeper, I think it’s very important that my teachers have voices that are enjoyable to listen to, otherwise I block them out (Hence why I don’t listen when Ms.Riben is talking…XD).

Spare: I’m thinking of joining friendsies in either comp sci or chem. I don’t like being alone and not talking (I do that enough in my own chem class) and I’m rather upset over the fact that I only have close friends in social and band.

It’s also come to my attention I need to save approximately $700 for 1)grad 2)grad dress 3)grad ring 4)grad hoodie 5)Temple garments. On top of saving for University.

Needless to say, I’m stressed out enough that I could use another vacation. If the year continues like this…Well…I’m not gonna be a happy Cass.


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