My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

There was a thing on about Terry Fox this morning on the news. Which aggravated me. I hate hearing about Terry Fox. Then I questioned as to why I do. It isn’t the man himself who inspires this. I realized it’s because we have to read/watch movies/talk/evaluate about him every. Freaking. Year. And for no marks (normally, I don’t care about getting marks, but every year we’re denied these marks). Then, we get to waste class time walking/running around in this big freaking circle. Which is sometimes ok if I was in a boring class. But I got things I gotta do. There’s only so much time before final exams and I don’t like wasting time. Fine, I’ll learn about him for 15 minutes. But I’m certainly not doing those laps ‘in remembrance of him’. Because after we learn about him in class, I block it from my mind until the next round of torture and plan my evening out while walking. Or talk with my friends. So that’s one way school has ruined any possible chance of me liking Terry Fox.

The other thing school ruined my possible liking of: Canadian History. Do you know we have like, possibly the most boring history ever? Once again, every year, without fail, we learn about Canadian history and I hate it. It’s sad and rather pathetic. Aboriginal abuse, concentrated religious hating (whereas you have Europe who hated about the same over 1000 years or so. Instead everyone just completely ban-hammered the Natives) and a couple of sucky wars. We never learned anything about Medieval Europe (except when I related it to something and the class broke into an argument) or the Middle East from way back when. Or anything pretty much prior to 1700. I wish we could’ve chosen which area each of us wanted to study.

Anyways, nuff ranting. I got to go re-re-re-read over my church talk and make sure it’s perfect.

Live long & Prosper!!♥

Comments on: "School ruins our possible liking of stuff?" (2)

  1. Bahaha! “…running around in this big freaking circle” Ditto. Also, I totally hear you about the Canadian History thing….BORING! I don’t even know how they stretch it out over 12 years of school (well mostly highschool I guess). I like your thought on choosing what to study. That’s why I loved homeschooling. I was able to select what I wanted to study (with some exceptions) and I felt like I had more say in my education rather than being force fed.
    I hope not all areas of learning have been ruined for you by school. :S

    • It was over 12 years. But more in elementary. I can understand 1-3 years of it, but 12?!

      My mom would never let me go down the road of homeschooling. I was a very antisocial child and never would have made friends LOL

      No, not all areas. Just social, where there’s a huge spectrum of stuff that could be studied and they limit us so much. I love studying stuff in the sciences. English could have more variation. IMO there are better writers than Shakespeare (and I’m not saying that cause I hate Shakespeare. He’s ok, but he’s not the God of writing or anything LOL)

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