My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

Vulcans, look at your human, now back to me

I’m on a sehlat”

Ok, if you aren’t a Trekkie, that’s completely over your head. But this just completely made my day worth it all.

NOTE: A Sehlet is like a big teddy bear…With 6 inch fangs and it’s mean. Usually, Vulcan children keep them as pets. When I read this, I envisioned a shirtless, muscular Spock (which isn’t that hard to imagine. Nimoy back in the day was quite toned…He only had his shirt off cause he was being whipped by Nazis!!…I’m just digging myself a pit aren’t I? XD) posing like the Old Spice guy…On a giant growling, what I envision it to look like, sehlat. Hence why this is much more funny in my imagination than it probably is to you.



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