My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

I may possibly become a workaholic because I love my job so much. Only got in trouble for being a noob once :D. And time flies when you’re doing dishes! I think I like buttering/putting cheese on/bagging the crazy bread best…I just can’t cut it to save my life >.>. However I do not like dough under my fingernails! It hurts! Or maybe that’s from trying to pull the plug out of the sink?

I also may possibly go on an insane cleaning spree. Hunks of dirt should not come off when I wash around the tap…And I don’t care what you say, TOILETS MUST BE CLEANED WEEKLY!!!

Live long & Prosper!!♥


Comments on: "Well that’s spectacular!" (3)

  1. ikachanattack said:

    The company toilet is a lost cause, I was afraid you weren’t having fun ’cause you were all
    “wat do?”

    • sorry=cass hates not being able to do stuff properly.And I dun like when I can’t do it right and people get upset
      meh/silence=i’m probably trying to concentrate/memorize everything (You noticed the silence with the missionaries/most church teachers that I have? That’s a perfect example. I’m trying to absorb everything as well as formulate my own thoughts on the matter)
      wat do?=i hate being idle. If everyone else is working and i’m not I get frustrated and worried someone’s gonna yell at me for being idle. I try very hard to not have any points where I’m not doing anything.

      Is all normal. I’ve mostly had a good time…Except sheet-outs >.>

  2. I know what you mean about toilets. Over the summer I did this 2 week program at a bible camp where we did a lot of cleaning and stuff, and then I came back home and our toilet was disgusting lol. So now I clean it every Saturday.

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