My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

I was checking my stuff on deviantart and a stock group I’m part of had some new deviations added. Browsing through them, I came across a fantastic photo of a larger woman. Fully expecting the usual flames, I clicked on it, prepared to read ‘omg, you fat ugly *insert trash here*’. However, I was pleasantly surprised when ALL of the comments were along the lines of ‘omg you’re beautiful!!’.

It’s not exactly new to the art world to have larger people appreciated in such a manner (heck, Nimoy did a project called the ‘Full body project’ which consisted solely of women about twice the size of the photo I just mentioned and it received fantastic reviews), but seeing this photo reminded me of a couple I saw in school the other day. The guy was someone who would fit in the ‘cool’ crowd while the much larger girl he was walking proudly with his arm around would not exactly fit into that category, solely because she was larger.

Yeah yeah, I know, that’s not extraordinarily unusual to see something like that, but it makes me happy to see people willing to accept each other’s differences and just be happy. I’ve already stated I’m a hopeless romantic so leave me alone!:P

Live long & Prosper!!♥


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