My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

*Should really be studying for chem, but I’m enjoying my egg wrap too much*

New years isn’t the only time to set goals (or ‘revolutions’ as I commonly call them LOL)

1) Be good enough to receive a Temple recommend…I’ve got a bit to go before I’ll even let myself consider trying to get one. But I’m working on it. Moral type stuff: I’m getting there, just need more control. I’ve noticed I get upset easily/without knowing or wanting to and it escalates (in my head, thank goodness)…My sense of humor also needs more renovations. Perhaps the smacking rule should be re-instituted…But no one is in my head except for like…4 people. Who can’t smack me XD

Spiritually: Some things are lacking. But they’ll come eventually methinks. And scripture studying needs improvement. I was doing good, then summer screwed me over.

2)I want to go some place cool and watch the sunset with someone(s) important to me. I’m not saying I want some romantic-ish type escapade. But I always watch sunsets by myself and it’s rather lonely to witness such awesomeness alone. I would also like to go stargazing with someone.

3)Give my testimony during fast Sunday (during Sacrament meeting, not just young women’s). I almost did last Sunday…But I had no clue what I would say and I don’t want to give some cookie cutter testimony (I’ve never actually heard a full one like this, just litlle itty bits. But I have an image of what one would be like…Which no longer makes it cookie cutter…Nevermind LOL). One of the awesome people I know from church said once I got up there, I’d know what to say, but I have this idea that I’ll either a)Go up, stand silently for a few minutes, then mumble and sit back down or b)cookie cutter everyone to death and talk too fast. Not to mention even when I had everything I was to say in front of me my knees were shaking worse than when Brent Spiner remembered me, I’d hate to see what happens when I go up without anything written…My mom suggested Adavane (variation on morphine or something) LOLOLOL.

4)Be good at sheet outs…This annoys me to no end.

5)Receive flowers after a concert from someone (besides my mom LOL). Always wanted to. Actually, flowers at any time from some one besides my family/mom (who gets me flowers often enough. Which is nice. But from someone else would be cool).

More to follow

Live long & Prosper!!♥


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