My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

day 4

NOTE:These won’t be directed at one person. Because almost anything i have to say to just one person in my life has been said…There are very few things that haven’t been said to just one person and a certain few of those few won’t be said for either a)a while or b)ever. So you get the joy of guessing. If you were tagged, you’re obviously in here, so happy hunting! Depending on circumstances

1. You doubt that this will last, that it was done on ulterior motives. You weren’t there when it happened, you weren’t beside me as I did it. Granted, it did start out that way, but it did not continue that way. I’m not quite sure if you’ll ever understand or if I’ll ever tell you all that went on, but your ideas about me concerning this are wrong.

2.I look up to you guys because you’re all such amazingly great people. I have never met so many awesome people at once

3. What purpose was behind my choosing them?

4. You’re thinking I will confess it here, I know you. Nope, sorry. I told you, I’ll say it face-to-face or in a letter, so quit getting your hopes up that you’ll get your $20 sooner!:P

5. You have no idea how adorable you are 99% of the time. And I don’t mean that in a derogatory way! Adorable-ness is a very important trait!!

6. Why do you dislike yourselves so much? You’re all beautiful, stop complaining and be happy with what you’ve been given!

7. We may act like retards, but during our serious conversations, I’ve told you more about what goes on in my life that is unseen than anyone else. Thanks for being there and helping me through that big emo part when I almost gave up and forfeited the bet. The reason I nag you so much about that whole deal is because I don’t want you to get hurt or decide to no longer be my biffle because of him. (Oh look, almost crying. Happy now?:P)

8. You have no idea how jealous I am of what you two have. You guys are so cute together, don’t let anything break that (unless, of course, it’s a reasonable thing)

9.You can and will succeed, especially if you go the route I told you about, I know it for a fact. Stop relying on unnatural methods, all you need is right here. I don’t think I can ask Him on your behalf so stop toddling about!!

10….Fine you. I’m out of choices. I love you. Satisfied?LOL





Day one: ten things about you.

Day two: ten things you love.

Day three: ten things you hate.

Day four: ten things you want to say to one person.

Day five: ten wishes.

Day six: ten items you can’t live without.

Day seven: ten important people.

Day eight: ten of your favorite songs.

Day nine: ten ways to win your heart.

Day ten: Final ten words.



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