My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

day 6

1. Church (There are items involved!!)

2.Scriptures julius smoothies toothbrush (seriously, unbrushed teeth=death of cass)

6.perogies 😀

7.(Ok, this has now become very hard…)My journal

8. Uh….My sketchbook ocarina…Well, so long as I’ve got an instrument

10. my glasses




Day one: ten things about you.

Day two: ten things you love.

Day three: ten things you hate.

Day four: ten things you want to say to one person.

Day five: ten wishes.

Day six: ten items you can’t live without.

Day seven: ten important people.

Day eight: ten of your favorite songs.

Day nine: ten ways to win your heart.

Day ten: Final ten words.



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