My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

So my home-teachers were over last night and among our discussions, we talked about the upcoming Temple trip on the 16th. Someone previously told me I couldn’t go to the Temple until a year after my baptism, but my home teachers said after about 6 months I can…Now I’m mildly confused, but I emailed the Bishop to ask about it, so hopefully I’ll find out soon. If it’s a yes, that will be spectacularly exciting however, I don’t feel that now is quite the right time for me to do this, I’ve still got some stuff to work on and I’m waiting on some answers. But this will probably help me keep my goals in mind!

The other awesome thing is that, while my mom yakked the ears off my teachers (who yakked back, which was kinda new XD), I got to look at the ‘Preach my Gospel’ handbook…Then it was actually given to me! I’m excited to read it. From what I skimmed through last night, there are some personal development things that look pretty neat.  And once I’ve learned the lessons, I can get some experience in teaching by teaching my friend them!

Also, I’m not certain yet, but recent events this week have led me to give further consideration to going on a mission. More on this later possibly. I still can’t decide what exactly I want to do after high school >.>.


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