My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

Day 9

Haha this shall be amusing!

1. Be Mormon…And a good one too! It’s a bit of a requirement now if you ever hope to take me on a date that you are one. Plus, there are other accompanying values/beliefs/ideas/ways of behaving that come with being one that make me happy

2. Be geeky in almost anyway possible. It makes life more enjoyable (At least it has for me)…At the very least be into gaming, fantasy and/or sci-fi

3. Dress well…At least on special occasions. I’m not saying wear a suit every day (but that would be nice!). But know when to dress nice and do it well! Normally, I’m not too concerned about physical appearance, but it’s a tad embarrassing to go somewhere nice with someone who dresses like a slob.

4. Be crazy. Craziness is good 😀

5. Chivalry FTW. Very few of the guys I know ever hold a door for a woman anymore. Yes, women may no longer be dainty lil things that break in a strong wind, but it’s still nice. And I like the idea of defending a woman’s honor…THROUGH SWORD DUELS!YEEEAAAH!!!*ahem*…I’m rather old-fashioned XD

6. Try to be kind, understanding, non-judgmental…Probably some other stuff too. I’m not saying Mother Teresa has to be your idol, but I really don’t like mean people…Who are mean in actual life. Jokingly mean at the right times is ok.

7. Give good hugs….Mind you, is it possible to give a bad one?

8. You need, somewhere inside you, to still be a kid at heart. Because I will not hesitate to jump in leaves/puddles, play on play grounds, with lego, dance in the rain and watch disney movies. And when people don’t join in, it becomes awkward and no longer fun. Which makes  me grouchy.

9. Have a wacky sense of humor….Or else I’ll appear to be a very stupid person LOL

10. Smile often, is good for you!


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Day ten: Final ten words.



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