My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

Ok, on one hand, I am bouncing off the walls at the idea that I could go to the Temple this Saturday…But on the other hand…I’m freaking terrified. I’m not quite sure of all the reasons but a few are:

1)My noobness…Yeah, I know, only way around it is to gain experience in stuff so I’m no longer a noob. But still, I’m going in pretty much blind. Only thing I know is I’ll be getting baptized for someone…Which brought up the thought: Do they know who got baptized for them? Can I meet them in the next life? That’d be very cool indeed…Anyways, but I have really no clue what’s gonna go on and I don’t like that, therefore I am scared.

2)I’m generally the type who don’t show extreme emotions in front of others…But I have a feeling I will probably cry at some point during my visit there or shortly after…The Temple, for me, is the religious…I want to say personification, but that’s not right…Bah, you know what I mean by it…of Leonard Nimoy to put it in plain metaphor for understanding purposes(not saying I view Nimoy as a giant building…I hope that just made sense). I don’t want to cry in front of anyone because I just don’t do that…

3)I’m still flabbergasted that I’m Mormon. Example:I turned to my friend the other day, with a big grin on my face. When she asked what I just exclaimed “I’m Mormon!!”…I’m still not completely used to it and the fact that I might be going to the Temple is still unbelievable.

Random thought: Do Temples have bathrooms?


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