My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

I’ve determined almost all of my favourite music reminds me of specific people…This could be hazardous because if anything goes wrong between us, I won’t be able to listen to some stuff without becoming upset. Heck, I can hardly listen to Coldplay because it brings back such amazing memories from not so long ago. But no memories have been made to compare with the previous ones, so it always leaves me feeling mildly nostalgic, which means I get a tight feeling in my chest, meaning I have issues breathing and emotional kerfluffle ensues. Good songs verses dredging up bittersweet memories?

I believe I’m rather masochistic when it comes to things like that.

I find it intriguing how such a simple thing as a song can have so many attachments and be intertwined with so many memories. It’s very illogical.

Possibly, this one has no memories attached…Yet…

On the whole ‘Spiritual Vulnerability’ topic: I’m on my way to building my defenses in that area. I figure if I can write the scripture journal required for the ‘Great Canadian Challenge’ in Seminary with all the stuff I would normally put in my journal and have my teacher read it, then I’ll be headed down the path to openness, which is good.

I just figured out how to work the MP3 on my phone…Musics ahoy!!:D

Live long & Prosper!!♥


Comments on: "Thoughts on music" (2)

  1. Music has long been recognized as an emotional attachement … as are smells. Music has the ability to transport us through time.

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