My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

From my facebook status:

“It really upsets me 1)That the access class kids are made to clean the cafeteria 2)That the teacher in charge of them is such a jerk. Is that seriously what they think? Is that all they’ll ever amount to is janitors? I understand the chances of that happening are high but still, one could still try to help them become something more…Instead of talking to them like they’re trash and forcing them to do some job that we hired janitors for.”

Note: Access class= for lack of a better phrase, the class for kids who are ‘mentally challenged’.

Honestly, I’ve seen this teacher, aid, whatever he is, twice with the access kids. He is one person who, if given the chance, I would smack. There are only a few of those in the world. This guy is horrible to these poor kids. Today, one of them missed something and he got angry and shouted ‘Stop being so lazy and go finish the job!’ at them. Last time I saw him, he was even worse. And after these kids do the janitors a favour by doing for free what they get paid for, he makes them go thank the janitors as though it was a privilege!

After reading some comments on my facebook, it would seem others feel the same too. But apparently, they need to learn life skills and help their development too in their class too. I can understand doing the recycling, but the whole cafeteria? That’s excessive.


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