My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

I’m sitting at T minus just over one day till 2AM wake up and Klingonification occurs. I’m in trill makeup right now and actually considering wearing it on a daily basis.

JKJKJK. While it does look epic and I do like the look of me in super awesome lipstick, I look about 10 years older. Dun like! I will stay youthful looking by not abusing my body with tons of products!!

Anyways, Halloween may turn out not as bad as I thought. I went to a YW’s Halloween activity, which was delightful. Except the bit where I was drowning in flour, not fun. Pics soon. And I get to dress up on friday. It’s more the dressing up that I like, not so much the candy. And costumes just make me feel epic. Like I can do anything and no one knows its me!

Anyways, I’m currently cough/hacking due to the flour I inhaled. Gonna go…drink something? How does one get flour out of your system?

Live long & Prosper!♥


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