My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon


So I haven’t destroyed my hair…But it’s now overly oily with gelatin…Which will eventually leak into my eyes >.>….And, while putting on my Klingon, I forgot I wear glasses. So now, it’s relatively hard to see, but i’ll be ok I’m sure.

I also magically got Saturday off work…WHICH MEANS I GET CANDY!!!

I’m not sure which forces were responsible, but I love them either way ^^.

Waiting for my head to cure, then I get to powder (I haaaate that step….Always gets in my eyes) and find a way to color the stuff…Right now I look like bones are sticking out of my forehead….But it looks pretty decent. Silicone is way more comfy. Doesn’t fall off as easy, way lighter and best of all NO BURNING!!!Of eyes or skin :D.

But I don’t feel so great right now. I think its cause I’m up so early….

I is so happy!

Live long & Prosper!!♥


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