My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

Le sigh….

Due to the sensitive nature of this topic, this will seem pointless. I’m just blowing off steam.

I TOLD you.

I KNEW if circumstances such as this would arise within the group, there would be issues. You’ve now, most likely unknowingly, placed me in a position where I must chose between you and those who are near sisters to me. How could you do that? Have fun in a life without best girlfriends. You may love one, but you cannot make them a priority unless bound to them. I was there at a point, for pretty much 9 years of my life. And it was absolutely crushing to realize 1) That he cheated on me. If we were ever really going out in the first place. I considered it as such, for a short time. 2)To realize long after that even though he did that, I was willing to look over it, not even bring it up, let him go as mine and go back to treating him as my best friend. Which he wasn’t even. No friend would mock their own friends as they sit there crying and upset. What stupidity possessed me to do that? I really hope that never happens to you. Cause it really makes you question how significant are you really. Then to put myself in almost the same position yet again, only difference being he didn’t even have the decency to ask me out before acting as he did. And I fricking let him. Luckily, I stopped myself before I could let that happen a third time. I think I very nearly did, but I never got hurt and I know he would never act like that. So I was lucky.

I don’t think he will do things like that, he is good, but never, ever settle. Something better comes along, even though you may feel completely cut off and alone because you chose to give it up.

That’s why you need those who are like sisters. Without them, you are alone. And you may think you’ll get by alone, but you won’t. I almost didn’t. Thank goodness I found them when I did. You’re in for some terribly lonesome times if you don’t hold onto them.

As blunt as it is: “Chicks before dicks”. Good luck discussing half the things with him that you discuss with girls. It won’t work. You’ll be upset by the results.

I am sorry, but I can say I am happy we were never closer. otherwise this would probably make me cry.

You may as well say I know nothing, because I’ve never actually been there. And you’re totally right, I never have and, if plans mess up, I probably won’t be for a long while. But I seem to have a knack for things of this nature. Perhaps an unbiased perspective is best, who knows.? And if dating a guy causes these results, I’d rather stay completely celibate than give up my girlies.

Hrm…Well. Maybe not celibate. But I would give him up long before I gave up them.

If you still chose to give them up, I hope you two are happy. You seem good for one another. Because I would give nearly anything for an inkling of what you have.

As the hymn says; ‘God be with you till we meet again’.


Comments on: "Le sigh…." (2)

  1. Bruce said:

    Ahh .. youth …. makes me glad to be almost 60. I have often said it would be great to be 18 again … but with the knowledge I now have … but I suspect it would really suck because I’d still get stuffed in a locker by some neandertal …

    Cass … you have a mature approach to life … you are gonna be just fine!

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