My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

Right, so I’m deciding I’m never missing church again, except for the MS walk. It just buggers up my whole week.

But the cure to that was Young Women’s :D.

I’ve posted this before but it’s what we watched:

I love how everything in my life concerning things like this just came full circle. Well, I don’t love the fact that it did. But I love how I can trace it, very neat, albeit slightly upsetting. But Uchtdorf made it all ok now. He just reaffirmed what Elder Lewis wrote in the front of my Book of Mormon and it’s all gonna be k, no matter the outcome.

I just realized the circle can actually be traced all the way back to my baptism. Without my conversion, this week would not have turned out to be this alright. Have you ever read your horoscope, gone through the day, then re-read it and thought to yourself that your day did sort of resemble that?

That’s how I feel. But in a much bigger scope than just a day.

Only bad part of today:My irritation with people has been re-affirmed. Granted, the one comment made wasn’t intended as insulting, but it was adding salt to the wound. And people in general just frustrate me today. Can’t make up their minds.

I’ma go draw…Or read…Or play xbox or nintendo, who knows. Is a long weekend and I am mostly free of worries and free to do what I please. Cause it’ll all be ok in the end. Can’t have the happily ever after without the adventures. And I keep saying I want to go on an adventure ;D.

Maybe I’ll write more of my cyberpunk story…Oooh!

Live long & Prosper!!♥


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