My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon


I finally finished reading the book ‘Trust in the Lord’ by Deen Kemsley. I got it when I got baptized from Corey’s oldest sister, which amazed me because I had never even met her before. That’s a good memory.

Anyways! ‘Nuff reminiscing. If you haven’t, GO READ THE BOOK!IT IS AMAZING!!!

I will permit you excerpts from my journal as I read it:

Before I start: Holy crap, I need to re-read my journal more often. I write down wise things.

By judging yourself and others, you’re also judging God.

Loneliness=Desire for the companionship of God

With pain-Be grateful for things within it so joy from Christ can take over

WHOA!!!!!I totally quoted myself in my last talk without realizing it XD

“Christ meets us where we’re at and lifts us up.’

Stop striving so hard to accomplish everything and do the straightforward tasks at hand

Always trust in the Lord’s guidance. While things may not go how you want or may seem difficult, the end result will still be better than anything else that other paths would have reached.

To gain a better relationship with God, the ‘Treasure of our hearts’ might have to be sacrificed. While this may hurt, it will be worth it.

Anyways, methinks I should go to bed. I just fell asleep sitting up XD


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  1. Cristina said:

    Those are some amazing and truthful words.

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