My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

Toy Story 3-Meh. Ok story line, spanish Buzz was funny and that lil kid was SO CUUUTE!! But it kinda bored me.

I would have rather seen ‘Eat, Pray, Love’. But I don’t think my friends would have enjoyed it much, they don’t seem to be into the whole ‘quest for inner self’…Maybe they are, I dunno. So mum is taking me this saturday.

I’ve decided I like cuddles, from virtually anyone. I think I’m secretly more of a squishy than what I thought. I re-discover this every time I’m with any of the girls from my Young Women’s, they always hug me. But I always forget later. So this is a reminder.

‘The fantastic Mr.Fox’ was particularly random. I think it was clay-mation or something but I’m not sure. It was good. Very cute. But I have a thing for movies that are very calm, with little to no action and a weird story line XD. Hence why I liked it so much.

Mormon boundaries are varied so much by everyone. To each their own, yes. But it would become a heck of a lot less confusing if some didn’t think that certain things were permitted while others were against them. All the same, much easier for lil Cass’ to wrap their minds around.

My mind is in what I’ve deemed my ‘Leonard Cohen mode’ XD…To grooveshark for way too long of playlists!!

I think I’ve become a gigantic hypocrite over this past week. I dislike that. My aloe vera drink will be the end of this week’s hypocrisy (maybe…It has green tea powder…So I dunno if that counts or not. I realized that after I bought it >.>).

In fact, I can’t say my regular self is where it normally is. I just feel bleh. I think I’m exhausted. And no amount of sleep will fix it.

I need Church.

I thought of trying to pump up my self-confidence up with a method I’ve always refused to use. I sort of did use it, but it bugs my eyes and makes my lips feel sticky. There’s a bit of my hypocrisy. I’m going to go wash it off now.

I think I’ve fallen far. I gotta start building everything back up. I guess it’s like a renovation. A Cass-o-vation. Maybe I’ll get a new rug or something.

I’m sick of people. I need about 5 days alone. But every time I’m alone, I want company. I’m too much of a squishy.

Ok, solution: I get someone to just hug me, but they can’t talk or anything.

That’ll work. Where would one find a hug-prostitute?

Would it be illegal to hire a prostitute solely for a hug?

I want to drink my aloe vera drink and be free to fix my hypocrisies. I think I shall.

The sweet drink of hypocrisy tastes bitter…And like the smell of carnations. How did I not sense it before? It sort of reminds me of the taste of ice tea.

Oh, I see. This one is flavored ‘green tea’. The one I had before was just plain aloe vera.

Intriguing, I actually feel an opposition to drinking it.

I got rid of it.

I’ll replace it with orange juice

Who by fire?

I think I’ll draw…Or I could finish that poem I was writing! I forgot about it! I used to do 2 lines every morning before seminary. But first, off the track of hypocrisy: scripture reading.

Live long & Prosper!♥


Comments on: "Review and a thought dump" (6)

  1. I actually really liked Toy Story 3. It was nice to kind of have an ending to everything. I cried at the end, lol.

    • Oh the ending was nice, yes. And there were parts that were funny. I guess maybe it’s cause I didn’t care much for the first 2 either. I almost did cry though

  2. To your boundaries issue. Religion leads to legalism, Christianity to relationship. There is a huge difference. As fallen beings we seem to starve for religion, for legalism — lists of do’s and don’ts — so we can measure progress, compare ourselves, and feel as though we are doing something. Relationships don’t work that way, there are rules still, but the rules don’t get replaced with legalism, they fuel relationship.

    So … in any group of people there are those who are legalists and those who are not … and those who understand relationship. The happiest place to be is in the ‘relationship’ camp.

    • I realize that and completely agree. What I mean is, when trying to participate as a new convert, it’s exceptionally difficult to avoid stepping on anyone’s ideological toes. For example: One group may be fine with caffeinated pop, one group may not. If I learned first that caffeinated pop was ok and drank it with that group, when I go with the other group and drink it there, they are mildly shocked, quite possibly offended and may look down on me for failing to abide by what they have interpreted to be a commandment. I know it’s all about interpretation and finding that, but because I’m new, I look to other members for examples to follow. Granted, I do make my choices as to how I interpret commandments in our doctrine like that eventually, but starting out it’s very confusing and I’d rather not offend anyone right off the bat. If they were to agree on most things, it would be easier and way less confusing!

  3. ikachanattack said:

    Actually, I didn’t like toy story 1&2 at all, but toy story 3 I really liked… hrm…

    • Maybe it’s cause you got your headphones back, you were just in a super happy mood LOL.

      I think it was Mormon day at the theater yesterday. I saw some of the YW from prairie winds there too

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