My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

Thought dump #2

“The problem with getting physically close to other people is that you reach a point where you can feel their heart beat. That’s what love is. It’s sharing someone else’s pulse. When one of those beats suddenly ceases, it’s like yours does too…”-Freak Magnet by Andrew Auseon

I find it weird when guys write chick books. Is that being too biased? I suppose it is, considering quite a few things I’ve written are from a guy’s perspective.

Ok, I think I am nearly fully back. I’m again reading chick books for hours while having a bath  (and listening to Cohen :D). Only problem with that is when my feet wrinkle; it hurts. But is k.

I have accomplished nothing today. But I think that’s what I’ll do this weekend, cause I’ve been doing too much lately.

I just walked by the TV to hear the dimensions of the ‘ideal breasts’…Who decides this? I would assume it varies from person to person as to what is ideal.

I never got the obsession with breasts. I mean, I understand biologically why they are liked. But non-biologically; why? And if bigger is supposedly better when it comes to them, why does that not apply to the overall body? They’re virtually the same material, with similar properties.

I just realized how amusing it is to be arguing about breasts. And I’m pretty much arguing it with myself.

Mom’s watching modern war movies. Modern warfare is boring. Overall, there is no honour, no pitting ones self against the opponent in a test of strength, no proving who can dance more gracefully with a partner of a sword. The victor determined solely by how steady your hand is and whose gun is bigger.

I prefer to learn about medieval warfare. More honorable, most of the time. But, essentially, I would prefer none at all.

I’m gonna go try to be productive. But no guarantees.

Live long & Prosper!♥


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