My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon


Today, on my way home from work, it was dark and clear, so I laid down in a field to stargaze. A very cool spur-of-the-moment idea from my brain…until I remembered 1)I’m kinda scared of the dark outside 2)I live in the ghetto and this was a field frequented by unruly types, so the likelihood of me getting attacked/raped could be quite high. I dunno, I’m not a statistician. So after about 10 minutes I was scared…..But anywaaaays, I randomly decided to pray while lying in the field. During a bit of a discussion on the lack of physicality of God and how it affects my ability to trust in Him fully a GIGANTIC shooting star came by (keep in mind: I’m in the city, therefore shooting stars=very very rare).

Needless to say, it was freaking epic.

You should all go lay outside randomly, stargaze and pray ;). You might not see a shooting star, but I find the stars alone kinda put God into a better perspective (ie. Huge and awesome!).

Anyways, I’m currently being run over repeatedly by music that is good but makes me nostalgic. It’s nice & painful >.>

This song has come to remind me of a few people, mainly my brother and youngest older sister, as well as a couple friends.

I think all my siblings should get divorced, abandon their kids and move back home. Cause I miss them…And want to steal their cool nic-nacs out of their rooms again *schemy hands*.

I was such a brat LOL.

Ok, no memories attached, just more epicness:


I just watched ‘Never been kissed’…Very amusing. It’s about an undercover reporter who goes undercover to do a story on high school life. Veeery funny. But, after almost finishing high school, I have to say, it’s not very accurate.

Live long & Prosper!♥


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