My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

More thoughts

I really like Sundays and I just realized that. Not only because they’re relaxing but just the little feelings here and there. A dip into my thoughts is required:

Things that make Sundays awesome-tacular

Showers in the morning. I prefer them, but it’s more time efficient to shower at night.

Reading post secret

The feeling of 1)freshly shaved legs. Not that I don’t shave during the week, but sometimes i’m lacking a bit of time and have to wait a day or two. 2)The feeling of a skirt on freshly shaved legs. Very delightful

The smell of my ‘Church-only’ perfume. Good memories are attached to it.

My hair looks much better when I have time to let it dry to just the right point then curl it.

The smell of my scriptures. They smell better on Sundays.

Listening to my sunday playlist on youtube

The excitement as I wait for my ride to get here. *is currently experiencing this*. Before, I was always nervous. Now I’m just exceptionally excited.

Multi grain Sacrament bread vs white. That debate of possible symbolism in my head makes me giggle.

Shaking hands with people I don’t know, but they somehow know me.

Making eye contact with the speaker. It helps me feel their faith in that topic better

How the Church smells. It smells wonderful ^^

I keep forgetting to ask someone: The little water cups: Are they filled individually or all at once? That could be tedious if done individually.

I always feel like I just woke up after a long sleep when I come home from Church. I’m very warm. ^_^

Sitting with the house silent when I come home from Church, doing personal progress/meditating/reading scriptures/some other quiet activity

What I don’t like however: Worrying my ride is late because it’s only 4 minutes past when they’re normally here

K, I’m impatient, gonna go sit by the window:


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