My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

“You’re too impulsive or indulgent for your own good. If the scenery looks strangely familiar, it’s because you’re now in a loop. The only way out is by growing — are you ready to start?”

My horoscope off facebook. I think for once, it’s dead on.

The problem is, I’ve no clue how to grow out of this loop. Something to think and pray about I guess.

Ok, I thought about it all yesterday at work. I’m gonna to do an awesome Mormon-related drawing that doesn’t require the insane ability to draw in 3D type stuff (*cough* Like the Temple).

I’ll give you 2 hints. 1)It’ll feature Joseph and Emma Smith. 2)This is one of the main pieces of stock I’ll use (it’ll be at the bottom of the post cause I can’t type around it.) I’m veeery excited. I would have started last night, but I needed the stock photos from the computer.) I may actually draw it in my GIGANTIC sketchbook, so I can get lots of detail into it.

I just remembered I haven’t done any personal progress yet and I planned to last Wednesday. I also need to buy some little things for the Christmas shoe box thing. I’m so forgetful this week. In fact, I’ma get off here and go do that.


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