My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

My young women bring me so much joy. They’re all so funny and cute and just generally beautiful. How I got on without my ‘lovelies’ is beyond me.

I have done no homework and barely any studying, but it’s ok. Cause I spent the evening with them :D.

Watching the presentation from the guy with the Samaritan’s purse group rekindled my desire to do a service mission. Even if I have to go along with another church on one (I’m thinking Nancy’s), I want to go on one soon. I think I’d like to work with kids like they do. But I have a feeling I’d probably get myself killed, because I wouldn’t hold back in confronting those who abuse them, whether or not it’s how they do things there.

Tomorrow, I’m ordering my grad ring and it’s a short day. Life is good ^_^.

No exceptionally deep thoughts for tonight. Well…There are some. But I’ma write them down, then give them to someone accompanied with a big, squishy hug. I’m worn out and comfy in my happiness. Good way to end the day.

Musics for  the night: 

Live long & Prosper!!♥


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