My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon


That is the sound I made when I put down the pen.

I really need to stop pouring my emotions out. I do that too often. It leaves me absolutely exhausted. But I think this will get through, hopefully, and help someone that I love dearly. I’ll give it to them tomorrow, but this time I’m prepared it likely won’t have the outcome that I plan ;).

I need meditation to recoup, but I’ll fall asleep. Actually, that’s the best way to sleep, it’s fantastic, don’t stop meditating, just keep going deeper and deeper until most of the consciousness is gone. Sometimes, cool things happen, like my bobbing to an unknown beat….Actually, I did that when I received my patriarchal blessing (he started it!! He was moving first!!), I probably seemed  insane. But it keeps me in the mindset, cause if I lose track of my breathing, I concentrate on my tempo.

Alright, I’m gonna go to bed. I’ll post results tomorrow.

One  of my favourite songs


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