My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

So, I signed up for grad photos. As I’m reading the card signup thing there’s a section for ‘describe the props you’re bringing’ and I was thinking; tuba? As much as I did take joy in playing it way back when, it’s become…I dunno. Like my obsession with Phantom. While I still love it, it’s taken a backseat (as has everything lately LOL) to more important things.  It’s a love-hate relationship. To be honest, it all eventually comes down to: If I wasn’t in band, I wouldn’t be where I am. I wouldn’t have amazing friends like these, I wouldn’t have made the memories like I have and, essentially, I wouldn’t have found the Church (well…I might of, who knows). So by not having it in the photo, I feel like I’m betraying so much of my life that means lots to me. But at the same time, there are quite a few bad memories attached to it. It reminds me of people I don’t like very much, people who have left and the stress I went through a few years back with it.

I can’t believe I’m having a moral debate about having my tuba in a photo with me.

Ok, my other idea for a prop is my ocarina. But I don’t feel that it really defines me. I mean, yes, it shows I’m a geek and I really do want to do some photography with it, but it hasn’t been there all this time.

I would rather have all my friends  in my photo, they mean more to me than almost anything.

It says here: ‘Describe props you are bringing to help celebrate all you have achieved.’

I don’t feel I’ve achieved anything extraordinary school wise. Outside, yes, but I can’t exactly haul the Church with me or something crazy like that. Maybe…I’ll just bring my Book of Mormon with me XD.

Okokokok….My vulcan ears!

Heck, I should just go in full Klingon makeup LOL.

I wonder if I could alternate between my tuba and ocarina?

I don’t even know what I’m gonna wear…*facedesk*

I’ll think this over as I dig myself out of the stupid snow >.>

….Steampunk outfit? ;D

EDIT: Ok after shoveling, I have a brilliant idea…My telescope!!Geeky, kinda related to Trek, but not embarrassing!!

EDITX2: *lightbulb*

Less embarrassing than Vulcan ears (I had to put them on to experiment, so I’m wearing them now :D), less cumbersome than a telescope: My Bajoran earring. Still Star Trek and it means a lot more to me than my Vulcan ears (symbolically anyways).

On the interests section of this card, I’m tempted to put pyrotechnics, I dunno why…That could result in some neat photos though!!


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