My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

Poem in progress

I don’t really ever finish writing poetry, but Leonard Cohen inspires me to try regularly try to do so.

No, that isn’t the title. I just oppose titling things. I’ve worked about 2 months on this and it still isn’t finished. Just wanted to post it.

More depressing than what I normally write. I’ll revamp my poems on the sun and post those later.

Dennis: You also inspired me to write :D.

It kinda…Bounces around I guess. Anyways. Poem incoming:


A heart of stone bought by

The Pawn Shop of Despair

For just a dime, you might have it

To keep it, you’d do no repair


You would not mind, I think

Bearing a little care

You might give up a coin or two

To pay to Loneliness its fare


Though the road may be long

Cold, alone and in dark

But my small heart shall not retreat

Shall not give up its song of lark


Shall not go quietly,

Shall not give up the fight

Freed from the Pawn Shop of Despair

Shall not go quietly tonight


Fight, fight, all for nothing

Rage, rage against the night

Fight the battle and fight the fight

Here comes the dying of the light

Keep up the battle, victory is life


Constructive criticism is welcomed 😉



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