My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

Bristol Palin.

Or all the Palins in general.

She’s pregnant at what, 17? And she’s Mormon and her mom is senator of Alaska. Big whoop. Now she’s famous? I find that exceptionally sad. What kind of image does that send to the youth of today? ‘Oh get pregnant ASAP!! Soon as you do, people will hate on you for a bit but then you’ll be famous and entertainment talk shows will have a whole feature on you!!”

That is just frakking disgusting. There should be laws on who’s famous and who isn’t, that way there will actually be something mildly decent to hear about on tv talk shows, maybe about people with actual talent. I don’t think the majority of my generation knows the meaning of that word today.

Or we should be like Britain: Yeah, you can talk about celebs, but you don’t need info on every minor detail of their lives.

Sorry, but what passes for celebrities nowadays enrages me. People like Nimoy would be looked over. Why? Because people like him don’t have washboard abs or ‘perfect’ features…But people like him actually have talent.

I say bring back the silent movie era, that’s the real test of acting ability. Anyone who can survive that deserves to stay.

Back to the Palins; What sucks about that whole situation? They’re Mormon and because of that, people will look at them and think ‘Oh! This is how ALL Mormons are!!’. Granted, we’re not perfect, but we’ve got enough crap to try and ward off that people assume about us, we don’t need any more.

I’ve got social to do now, nighty night.

Comments on: "A rantful thought dump" (2)

  1. Bruce said:

    Don’t know about Bristol, but the Palin’s overall are not Mormon …. Sarah was brought up Catholic, switched to Pentacostal, and is now non-denominational Christian.

    One of the things we have to deal with is not what the mistakes made might be, but what the response to them is. In the Palin’s case, they chose to keep the baya, and Sarah and Todd are stepping up. The getting pregnant part should not be emulated, but the family response should be.

    • You sure? Mom told me last night they were, said on the news. i’ll look it up though.

      And I agree, their responses to this whole thing should be talked more of, not just the fact she got pregnant

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