My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

…Is that even possible?

Anyways, I may blow the money this weekend to buy fable III…Or maybe not. It’ll be cheaper after Christmas, but if I get it now, I can play it all through the break. I’m exceptionally excited for it, I think I may take the time to think up a desired character, with flaws this time. Cause, as much fun as it is to be amazingly good, I like to roleplay in my head. The best character I had for that was my Fable I character…Very good all the way through…But I killed my best friend for a crap load of money in a gladiator-style tournament.

Your character actually talks this time!!:D.No more silence!! I’m surprised it took them this long to put that in!

And I will work to not beat/kill my spouse(s)…

Maybe my character’s downfall can be polygany LOL


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