My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

Now I know why right about 9-10pm on saturday nights, I feel like I’m missing something. It’s on nights like these we used to email each other constantly for a good hour or so. It wasn’t even about anything really, most of what we talked about was stupid or funny, usually both. Now, I’m lucky if I get 3 emails a week.

I’ve taken to wandering around my house or trolling the internet looking for something to fill up the time until I’m nearly falling asleep, whereas before I’d actually be doing something. Like I said on FB, it’s too early to sleep, too late to start anything really worthwhile at this time in the evening. This time used to be designated. I wish I copied many of those old neomails and saved them. They would’ve brought back great memories.

What happened to the ‘good old days’? Something is missing, or slowly slipping away, I think….Or I’m over thinking. Either way: I don’t like it.

Not directly related, but applicable to almost everyone this year. I would really like to ‘turn back time’ and go back two-three years, those were the good times

I just turned into my mom by cranking this. That’s ok. I love Cher, she’s freaking beautiful, both physically and vocally.

Speaking of my mother: This song reminds me of a long drives with her doing her retarded ‘hand dancing’ while driving.

I feel old now. I want my childhood back.

Ahahaha, I love this song. It is my anthem for when I feel like being kick butt.

I will fill the space will Cher ^_^

Not that you’ll ever hear it, but on occasion I can sing kinda like Cher. Usually after eating pizza, like now :D.

I think I’m turning into a crazy feminist…But not all feminists are lesbians 😉

One day, convince me to do the dance I made for that song. It’s quite funny.

Meh, not as good as Cher

IT’S 11:11!!!!!!MAKE WISH!!

Do we dare move on to Celine Dion? Or is this enough strongly feminist self motivation for the night?

Maybe I’ll go burn a bra or two, stop shaving, go vegan and become a handy-woman. It’ll be fun.

Yeah no, never mind. Unshaven legs are currently stabbing me, I would not survive, but they’re being sacrificed for the betterment of Sunday (hush, it’s my ritual thing LOL).

When I was little, all these songs were practically the soundtrack to my life. I loved them.

Poem by Nimoy. Enlarge it to read.

Looks like it’s about that time now.  Kitty is harassing me by blocking screen, which means bedtime. She’s worse than my mother LOL.


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