My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon


As usual!

We have another YW’s leader, but before she was the primary leader. I don’t even know her and I love her already :D.

Also, listening to this one guy’s talk today, I realized I spend so much time on loads of other stuff. Some of it is important, but it can’t be solved currently and it just takes up time. All that thought space and time could be dedicated to furthering my relationship with God. So, every time I worry about it, I’m now just going to throw myself into something God-related (don’t go getting philosophical on me now, I mean stuff like scripture study, personal progress, reading Church talks/magazines, not just anything and everything :P).

I also got attacked just a few minutes ago. My mom has a friend who currently has stage 4 cancer and it’s unlikely she’ll survive past Christmas. What attacked me was the sudden desire to help this woman, in any way possible. So I think I will muster my Churchy friends to go sing her carols or something. We’ll see.

My grad ring is super pretty :). And I am utterly exhausted…Gonna go try to barter some nap time.


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