My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon


Breakfast tacos: Eggs with taco seasoning mixed in+regular taco stuff.

BFFE: best friends for eternity. It’s been adopted at my newest acronym.

Bonnie Tyler:  Love/hate relationship. Some good songs but please, control your frizz…And dancing XD

On saturday I went caroling at the hospital with some of my young women. We went specifically for my mum’s friend who has stage 4 cancer. Very sweet old lady.

“Well, I figure I’m in the right place, cause if God wants me to live, people here will make sure I do. If he has other plans, I’m easily accessible!!!”

We all found it very moving to visit her. Before we left, we were going to say closing prayer, as we all crossed our arms, she said ‘Hey! I want in on this!” and held out her hands to us. We ended up all kneeling around her bed, holding her hands. I will admit I very nearly cried.

We later ended up in the old folks ward where this adorable old man was conducting us as we sang, even cuing alto parts :D.


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