My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

So I was supposed to go to Saskatchewan to visit my sister, Char. I was going with my sister Cris. Then last night, the brakes on their van go…Which isn’t too much of a problem for our trip, we can just take their truck.

Then this morning, they end up taking my niece to the Children’s hospital because she’s vomiting non-stop. Turns out she has some crazy virus. So they had to go home with her and put her on some meds. Now we definitely aren’t going.

And, my backup plan of flying there won’t work because flights are insanely priced.

My mom and I didn’t buy any stuff for Christmas dinner because we assumed no one was gonna be here. No family is coming in and our tree isn’t even decorated because we’ve been too busy. I have no further backup plans, I hope someone else in my family does…

And nope, can’t bus there either


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