My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

On jellybeans

I think I’ve got it figured.

I misjudged it all.

I suppose it’s easy to do that though. Someone who means so much to you can easily be elevated to something much higher, if there is nothing to compare it to so you can be certain.

I’m not certain of anything anymore though. Well, except one thing. Friendship has a greater value placed on it than anything, because, so far, it is the only certain thing and it stands up to everything. And I like that the most. Because it seems I tried real hard to screw it up and wasn’t successful at all.

I realize now if this had been finished with a while back, I wouldn’t have wasted a lot of thought time. But it was probably good for me in some way.  But all that energy that was previously used for all that is now undesignated, where do I put it?

I suppose the logical and best answer is God. But whether or not I actually put that into action remains unseen. It should work out though, in time.

This state I’m in though seems quite foreign, I’m not sure what to do with it. And apparently, before I was oblivious to everything around me and other’s actions towards me. Now I’ve started to take notice. What does one do with those also? Cause one part of me is saying ‘Go for it, you never have any fun where this is concerned anyways.” and the other is saying ‘Well, it won’t really matter, so why bother wasting more thought power on something like this?’ Permayhaps I am too serious…Or picky. Or permayhaps I am logical.

There is one jellybean in these few that I keep taking that tastes freaking amazing, but I can’t pin-point it.

LOL, what a metaphor.

I will find you, my jellybean. >:D

Bleck…That jellybean tasted like dirt XD


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