My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

I woke up at 4:30 am today.

Couple of reasons for that though. One, my cat was downstairs somewhere locked in a room, so she needed rescuing. Two,  I was fully recharged considering I went to bed at 6pm….Yeah…and three, I felt I was wasting time. Look! Isn’t it exciting!? I’m gonna get my scripture bag from there. I love facebook ads ^^

Why does one need a Temple hankie? Wait, isn’t it that you need one to wave while chanting…Oh how’s it go? ‘Hosanna Hosanna, Hosanna….Something, something, something…’?

I am extraordinarily excited to wave hankies about.

Once the Temple’s built, I’m taking the bus once a month (or more, but for sure once a month) to go do temple work ^^.

I’ve decided how to manage my blogs now. This one is going back to being about mostly Mormon-only stuff, while this: is for my rants and such.



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