My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

SaHtaH quv…

Jalapeños make subway exciting. I find it hilarious that every time I bite one, I am caused intense pain, enough to actually cause a vocal reaction. It’s like Russian Roulette for the taste buds. Tasty suicide…mmmm…

Anyways, back to the topic at hand. My bestie is, once again, the ever-pestering conscience and just helped get everything back into perspective, which is good. I came to realize I was trying something out that most of me, mentally, was opposed to anyways and that, standard-wise, was far below my own. I quite possibly would have regretted it anyways. I also, once again, re-re-re-realized: Oblivious Cass is, extraordinarily, oblivious and both trusts too easily and assumes that everyone is as good as my experience, which is completely biased and nearly non-existent, dictates.

Anyways, in short; I am going back to being extraordinarily selective and living in a mental nunnery until further notice.

Oh and also, I Mormon-swear too much; it’s becoming a bad habit and at risk of becoming worse, so the slap-rule has been re-instituted, which, honestly is for the better. So if you see my bestie randomly smacking me, is all ok ;D.

new favourite band:


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