My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

Why would any God really demand human sacrifice? One could assume death is something regularly witnessed by any interpretation of God, because people are always dying and God is viewed as existing (as in, like, fully visible existence. It’s the habitat of God, I guess you could say) after death. Yet humans are fascinated by death, because, while they see the initial bit of death, they are so unsure of what comes after.  But it probably isn’t so worrisome to a God. It’s like life for humans. The initial birth is a bit of a hubbub, but no one’s like ‘I wonder what takes place after birth?’ Well, they are, but you get an answer quicker than wondering about the after-life.

I totally lost my train of thought. In short: human sacrifice is only for the perverse pleasure of humans, in my opinion. To a God figure, it’s just one more soul in the spirit world to deal with, not something appeasing.

Then again, heck if I know.

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