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Thought you should know…

My Bishop rocks. …Just saying.


The rare request

It honestly feels odd to be requesting this since I rarely do, but: please guys, pray for my dear Anon’s….Sis. Anon.’s dad is in the hospital and they just found out today that they gotta go to Cardston again, it sounds even more serious now than before and I’m worried for them.

Completely different topic: Go read ‘The Bells’ by Richard Harvell. It’s fantastic.


So the missionaries came for dinner tonight and we’ve got a new one (who apparently completely skipped the MTC and came straight here not even two days ago…And he rocks!!!). Anyways, funny (or awkward) occurrence…Quoted from my FB:

“Mish-mish for din-dins….Yeah…Missionaries still kinda scare me….”Cass, you can sit over there if you’d like…And NO FLIRTING WITH THE MISSIONARIES!” “*looks at the Elder I’d be sitting by* I’ll try not to….*realizes I’m talking to missionaries, not regular guys* *internal facedesk*” “*Elder gives me odd look*” Happily awkwarding out missionaries since April 2010! ;D”

I think between Bro.Anon. and I, we may just completely terrorize the poor guys XD. But seriously, this is one of those times I needed to think before speaking and I didn’t. And it seems it always happens to the poor missionaries XD.

So, the reason I entitled this ‘Wow…’. When introducing me to the missionaries, Bro. anon. introduced me as ‘Our apprentice daughter in training’ I nearly dropped the water jug I was carrying. Seriously….Wow….I’m currently lacking a num pad to make a heart, but just imagine one…Or!!! ❤

What do Orcs, Worgen, The Cold War and Galaxy Class starships have in common? Well, nothing really, besides the fact that I just spent like 5 hours playing games with those in them at a friend’s house (and failed miserably at each LOL). I also experienced my first family home evening and beat someone with a snowbrush XD. Good times, good times!

I also came to a realization….Or a couple…First; they say blood is thicker than water, but I’d have to disagree; it completely depends on what type of water we’re speaking of ;D

And second; I seclude myself, for who knows what reason, I’m not actually as secluded as I think I am.

Anyways, good Sunday overall and fantastic night, made everything better 😀

My girls=My joy

I know I rant about them pretty much every Sunday, but I seriously love my Young Women. I thought I should just restate that ;D.  They tell me I should beg the Bishop to call me as Secretary when I’m 18 XD. But yeah, just little things they do and say make my Sundays complete. When one or more of them is missing, it just doesn’t feel like Church is fully happening.

And through a purely random happenstance (HAHA! I USED IT!! Ok, not very random, but meh) I am registered for EFY, thank goodness :D.



I am currently one giant conflict of emotions and its driving me mad….

I really need a great big hug right now….I should have collected more at Church today…

The mouse is out of the pool

In case you may be reading this and have heard and are concerned about recent happenings: don’t worry. It’ll all be sorted out soon, I’m at my sisters and I’ve talked to the Bishop. It’ll take some working out, but it’s ok, God’s undoubtedly got a plan for it all.

Love you all ♥