My adventure in becoming a [Good] Mormon

Every time President Dudley speaks I’m like ‘Dude….You’re talking to me!!!! How do you do that? I’ma go home and do that!’

And so today I locked myself in my room. Fantastic idea. And I napped in the sun. Nothing makes me happier than that. Last time he talked, I only prayed for 20 minutes instead of 40 and actually got to bed at a decent time (something I’m not doing now XD)

And then Gizette gave her talk and I was like “Omg, I’m actually gonna cry” (*Is crying again now*) and then she said one thing that I actually considered digging out my kleenexes for and Mrs.Crapo looked over and saw me kinda half-crying and started writing in her journal like mad and I was like “oh crap. Don’t you dare connect what she just said and my almost crying. Don’t need that. You’ll figure me out and then it’ll be weird.”

And then that one dude talked and I was like ‘Ok…Everything now for MISSION!!!YEAAAAAH!’

Anyways, as I said on FB, I’m one big rolling, exploding snowball thing of happy/happy crying today.

I think I’ll die at ward conference if it’s this awesome.


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