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You believe in Him, but do you believe Him?

Listening to some speaker named Hank on the drive to the Temple and he posed this question. Which made me think the rest of the ride.

Trusting God with everything is a big issue for me. And I kinda re-evaluated this during the trip, especially when I got home.

And I realized;  no matter what, you really need to trust Him. Even though it may seem like the worst choice, if He says it’s gotta be that way, then it does. His will is always right and will bring about the best.

Lately, it seems emotional issues are attacking me from every direction. And just when I think it’s ok, I get only a few hours before the next wave hits.

So I guess that’s why I found myself face-down on my floor. Which can be quite comfy actually, but that’s beside the point. And then, ‘Hank’ ‘s words came back to me.

Do I believe Him?

Hank said something else. God wants to make our hopes and dreams come true, but if we don’t believe Him, how can He?

So God wants me to be happy. And if I want to be that way, I gotta let  God lead me there and I gotta believe that He’s leading me there.

I guess my floor may have my face imprinted on it soon, because I’ve come to realize;  a LOT of big decisions need to be made and soon.

And I’ve gotta believe that God wants that for me too and will make it happen.

Here’s to hoping I can learn fast.