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New year’s ‘revolutions’

I always switch resolution out for revolution for some reason

1)volunteer more

2)foster a child/donate to charity/etc

3)be nicer to people

4)chill out and ‘go with the flow’

5)do family history

6)regularly practice yoga and meditate

7)beat both of my tomb raider games

8)save more, spend less

9) accept more stuff and stop trying to change everything

10) zoom out the GPS more often…Future cass will get that

My song for 2011:

LOL “happy new year mom!” “Next Saturday you’re getting your cavity filled” “*facedesk*…”

11) Don’t spaz at the dentist, wreck the armrest, and not take the freezing

12)drug myself with adavan for 11

13)resume regular scripture study

14) stop being upset, accept it and let time do its own thing

15) patience

16) don’t be so quick to anger